The STV Alpentänzer Schuhplattler performs traditional Austrian and Bavarian folk dances throughout Northern California and Northern Nevada to the accompaniment of our live band, the Alpentanzkapelle. If you would like our troupe to add entertainment, fun, and authenticity to your Oktoberfest or other cultural events, please read for details and contact us for additional information.

A typical performance includes the following:

Eight to ten dancers and eight to ten musicians performing traditional Austrian and Bavarian folk dances for about one hour, including audience participation in walking dance.
All of our performers wear authentic Tracht (traditional Alpine-style clothing).
We bring, set up, and operate our sound system and props.

Facility requirements:

For the safety of our dancers, we require a comfortable dance surface. Our dancers prefer parquet flooring or portable dance floors, but linoleum and smooth polished concrete surfaces are also acceptable.


Our fee for a typical performance in the Greater Sacramento area is $750 (Please inquire about a reduced price for events that benefit not-for-profit organizations.), plus food and drink for the performers where possible. We offer discounts to organizations booking multiple performances during the same Oktoberfest season.
If you are planning a multi-hour event with multiple dance sets, please get in touch with us for details.
The Alpentanzkapelle is available to play up to two additional hours of Old World waltzes and polkas for $300/hour.

Please send an email to For Oktoberfest season bookings (September and October), we highly recommend contacting us no later than the end of January.